How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Dropshipping Store

Do you want to get more Twitter followers? By having a larger audience, you’ll increase the visibility you’ll receive for your brand and your product promotions. You will also have the ability to reach the Twitter followers who engage with you. Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways for you to increase Twitter followers. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can get the most Twitter followers for your dropshipping store on Twitter.  

How to Get More Twitter Followers

#1. Include SEO Keywords Into Your Twitter Bio

You can gain followers on Twitter by optimizing your bio for keywords. Twitter allows users to perform keyword searches for conversations to join and people to follow. If you want your ecommerce store to be discovered on Twitter when someone searches a particular keyword phrase, incorporate it into your Twitter bio. This will help people discover your Twitter account in search results where they can follow you in one click. You’ll likely want to stick to only a couple of main keywords that really describe what your online store is.

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#2. Search for People Talking About Your Niche

If you’re looking to increase Twitter followers, then you’ll need to reach out to people talking about your niche. How? Try using Twitter search. If you sell jeans, and you see people asking for recommendations on a great fitting pair of jeans, you can jump right into the conversation to introduce your store and its products to potential customers.

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You can use social media tools like Tweetdeck and HootSuite to create rows of Twitter searches that will auto-update as new tweets match the keywords you have specified. This will allow you to go to one screen and see your search results without having to re-run them on a regular basis. You can also use tools like IFTTT to get emailed alerts when a tweet matches a keyword search.

#3. Add a Twitter Badge to Your Website

Want to get more Twitter followers? Then, you’ll want to add a Twitter badge to your website. Most major brands and retailers have a link to their Twitter profiles alongside links to their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages. These links can be minimalistically placed, like MVMT Watches does in their footer.

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HELM Boots, on the other hand, spells out their social links in the footer.

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Note Beauty adds a call to action to the footer column, asking visitors to connect via Twitter and other social media channels.

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Twitter also has an official Follow Button that you can create for your ecommerce store using Twitter Publish. It will generate the code needed to place the button in your website’s header, sidebar, footer, or on a page.

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When people click on the button, they will get to see your Twitter bio and latest tweets. If you want to increase the likelihood that people will click the follow button from here, make sure your Twitter bio and latest tweets are compelling enough to get the most Twitter followers.

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Twitter also offers an official Share Button that will allow you to add your Twitter handle in the tweets people send to share your products or blog posts. It will also add your Twitter handle as a recommended user to follow once they have posted the tweet.

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#4. Place Your Twitter Link in Your Newsletter

Do you send regular newsletters or other marketing messages to your customers and fans via email? If so, take a moment to get email subscribers to engage with your store on social media by including links to your Twitter and other accounts in your emails.

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For personal emails, you can use services like Wisestamp to create a professional email signatures that promote your store, including links to your store’s social profiles.

You can also include a sampling of your latest tweet beneath your personal / business contact information.

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#5. Include Twitter as a Contact Option

Another way to get followers on Twitter is to recommend it as a means of communications. Adding your Twitter link to your website’s contact us page, like Master & Dynamic as done below, will allow the people who prefer using Twitter over email or the phone to connect with your ecommerce store for sales, support, and other inquiries.

master dynamic - how do you get followers on twitter

#6. Offer an Incentive for Twitter Followers

Offering incentives can help you get followers on Twitter. Why? They encourage people to complete a call to action, such as signing up for your email list or following your store on social media. So aesthetic offers a coupon code in a popup window for new customers in exchange for their email address or their follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

So Aesthetic coupon - twitter followers boost

Third-party services like Wishpond integrate with Shopify, allowing ecommerce store owners the ability to offer incentives and run contests to help build their social media audience. You can run promotions focused on Twitter followers only, or give your website visitors the option to choose from their favorite social network. Preferably ones like Twitter and Facebook where you can target your audience with ads down the road.

#7. Run a Contest

Some shops, like ShuShu Kids, run regular contests. To grow Twitter followers, they encourage people to follow them on social media to get information about their latest contests and possible prizes.

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#8. Use Twitter Ads

Need a Twitter followers boost? Consider Twitter ads. Twitter’s advertising platform allows you to reach new customers with targeted messaging to encourage them to follow your store on Twitter. If you promote your account through Twitter advertising, it will appear for the audience you have specified as a suggested account to follow.

If you go this route, be sure to update your Twitter bio so that people who want to get to know your store can do so in 160 characters or less. Your ad audience will see it when they hover over your Twitter account name.

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You can also promote tweets to your ad audience that will appear in their newsfeed, much like @careofvitamins does to promote their vitamin subscription service.

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#9. Ask Employees to Include Your Store in Their Bio

If you want to get more Twitter followers ask your team to include it in their bio. Do you have employees, freelancers or business partners who have personal Twitter handles? If they’re willing, ask them to include your store’s Twitter handle (@username) in their bio. When people visit your employee’s profiles or see them in search results, they’ll also get a link to your store’s Twitter account.

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Be sure to consider your store’s reputation and talk to employees who include your store’s username in their Twitter bio about any social media rules or etiquette you want them to use. They are, of course, online brand representatives of your store. Hence, you’ll want them to be making good first impressions with potential customers.

#10. Recruit Your Influencers 

You can get followers on Twitter by recruiting brand influencers. Brand influencers and ambassadors on Twitter are your best customers – the customers who have a big audience on Twitter and love your product. When you get  brand influencers and ambassadors to promote your products, you want them to spread the word about your store and products to their Twitter followers, encouraging them to visit your Twitter profile or website to learn more.

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How do you find the best influencers and ambassadors for your ecommerce store? Start by identifying your best customers on Twitter – watch who talks about you or mentions your store’s @username and check out their account to see if you want to establish a working relationship with your brand. You can also utilize services that integrate with Shopify – like Brand Ambassador – to help you managed affiliate and influencer programs for your store.

#11. Get Creative

There are lots of additional ways to get more Twitter followers for your ecommerce store. The key is to get creative. Look for inspiration everywhere. Online retailers like Zee.Dog created the Zee.Dog Mafia – influencers who represent their store and products on Instagram. A similar tactic could be used by creating “personalities” or recruiting influencer that speak your customer’s language on Twitter.

Zee Dog - more twitter followers

So aesthetic takes another approach, listing out their product designers and linking to their Instagram accounts and product pages. Your online store could do a similar take, linking out to Twitter profiles instead.

So Aesthetic shop - how to get people to follow you on twitter

In Conclusion

As you browse your competitor’s dropshipping stores and other ecommerce stores in your niche, keep an eye out for creative ways to get more followers on Twitter for your brand. Look at how these stores grow their Twitter followers – chances are, similar strategies can be used to get Twitter followers for your ecommerce store too!

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