START A BLOG – how to step by step GUIDE for beginners

How To Start A Blog THE BEST way In 2018 Step By Step

Do you want to learn how to start a blog the right way?​

Things to know before you start creating your blog:

a blog is the BEST method of marketing yourself, your thoughts, ideas, business, products and services ONLINE.

Starting a blog also will allow you to SHARE ideas, experiences, updates, reviews, stories, videos, or photos.

It’s your online journal, where you post information about a specific topic, so anyone interested in this topic can find this information online.

Some Advantages of Blogging:

  1. Build Online presence.
  2. Improve your search ranking
  3. Keep visitors on your website
  4. Increase brand awareness
  5. Increase traffic to your website
  6. Build customer loyalty
  7. Increase customer engagement
  8. Help with sales leads and enquiries
  9. Helps with content curation for your Social Media
  10. Easy and fast way to MAKE MONEY!!

Disadvantages of Blogging:

  1. it can be time consuming, BUT “VERY REWARDING”
  2. to be successful you have to be consistent, build a good strategy and a well targeted audience to Blog to.
  3. You need to enjoy it… once you see profits, YOU WILL!

The straight answer is “You can start your blog for free”

But my recommendation is, to build your OWN BLOG, spend less than $10 and it will make a big difference.

How do you start a blog for free?

Unless you want to try and see how blogging works, I wouldn’t recommend using a free blogging platform.

you can start your own blog for free with 5 easy steps – in less than 10 minutes:

  1. Signup to and choose your subdomain (
  2. Follow the steps in their blog builder to create your free blog. 
    Congrats – NOW you have a blog live online!!
  3. Click “Customize”, Choose a theme.
  4. Choose plugins that interest you.
  5. Write and publish your first blog post.

Problems of using free blogging platforms

All of the free blogging platforms have the same problems:

  • NO Control – You don’t own anything, and if the platform decides for any reason to delete your blog, then you will lose all your work.
  • limited features and customizations – You will be limited to a small selection of templates and lose the advantage of using all the free features, themes, tools and plugins that are available.
  • No Custom Domain Name – why to have a long ugly domain name, when you can have a custom .com domain – which are usually provided free with hosting and they are more trusted!

Feel free to start a free blog just to get a feel for how WordPress works – but do not actually start your blog on a free platform if you are serious about blogging.

If you use a free blogging platform you will cripple your potential success as a blogger.

take a look at what is the difference between and

This video does a side-by-side comparison of and By the end of this video you should be able to make an informed decision as to which WordPress product is the right option for you.

see the full article

How to setup your blog the right way in 10 minutes – 4 easy steps to Create your blog

  1. Choose a domain.
  2. Set up web hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Customize your blog

the 5th step to create a successful blog – write and publish your 1st blog post to Rank in Google’s Top 10


How to choose domain name, web hosting, SSL certificate for new business or personal website?

When you are starting a new business, it’s better to minimize your expenses, so when you are choosing a best domain name registrar, hosting, SSL certificate, always try to find the one that offers more benefits and tools to promote your blog.

Best hosting providers with free domain name and ssl certificate under $10

  • WP-engine.
  • 1and1
  • I-page

WHY are they the best?

  • Free domain and SSL certificate for 1 year.
  • Marketing tools.
  • They offer many cool feature and tools that will help you build your audience.
  • they support all major platforms and CMS (Content management system) with 1 click installation, like WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, MAGENTO, PRESTASHOP, TYPO3, KOKEN, MOODLE and many others to start building your own blog. Read more about 5 best content management platforms
  • Many Gifts and special offers.

How to choose a Theme for WordPress?

After setting your web hosting and domain and installing WordPress, you will need to choose a theme and customize your blog.

Some may advice you to buy a premium theme, but my advice: START WITH A FREE WORDPRESS THEME!
Later, when you make money from your blog, you can spend $200 to get your blog off the ground, if you want to buy a premium theme for your WordPress blog, premium versions of plugins, make a high-quality logo for your blog.

If you want to kick start your blog and stay on budget, I’d recommend spending $30 to $50. This is enough to get you hosting, domain, SSL certificate, premium theme, logo and a good email marketing platform.

BEST affordable professional WordPress themes:

There are thousands or maybe millions of WordPress themes out there.
The BEST wordpress theme is the theme that fulfils all your needs, and you have ease dealing with.
so look out for themes you like and compare features and prices.

  • MyThemeShop
  • Thrive Themes
  • ThemeForest

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